Lingholm Kitchen

Lingholm Kitchen as it is now known is set to officially open this weekend; 2nd-3rd July. The building draws its inspiration from the local vernacular and intends to appear as a subservient outbuilding for Lingholm Grade II listed house. The building faces north overlooking the completely new walled garden constructed from reclaimed brick.

The building's simple outbuilding inspired form form is divided by a roof light along the ridge which allows sunlight to penetrate the north facing building. The glazing also wraps down the east and west gable elevations. It intends to communicate a modern lakeland building. Inside the structure is on display and has been enhanced with oak laid into the web, the large areas of north facing glazing by IQ Glass open seamlessly onto the external terrace, the last bay which sits above ground level due to the undulating site allows for a bar, which also acts as a balustrade, to create a vantage point over the garden and grounds. The interior arrangement allows all cafe seating to be situated to take advantage of the views, with a shop area between the functional volumes within the building.

Lingholm Kitchen will on the 20th July be accessible from the Derwentwater Launch as a jetty has been added to the estate, the first on the lake in 50 years, providing sustainable transportation to the estate for events and for the public.

Sunny Monday

Following on from the brilliant weather this weekend we thought it best to take some photos of us all in sunglasses (we are missing Mark S and Steve T due to illness and therefore have used silhouette’s as stand ins). No real reason, but happy Monday.

Lingholm Cafe

Lingholm Kitchen, as it will be known, is nearing completion with the minimal internal finishes in the process of being fitted.

The oak detail set within the web of the steel structure has added a very different warmer finish to the interior. The floor finishes have been laid internally and for a large area of the external terrace which will be accessed through the minimal IQ glass sliding doors. The folded aluminium gutter and verge detail is in the process of being fitted and will add to the sleek appearance of the building.

The walled garden that the cafe overlooks is completed and ready for pathways and planting which can start to establish before the opening on the 1st July 2016.

New Build Country House, Lancashire

Works are progressing well on site and the building has come a long way since the last update. All the floors are in ready for under floor heating and screed. The roof structure is complete and lead works, breather membrane and battens are going on in preparation for the slates. The coping stones are nearly all on and the finials arrived onsite during the visit, which look great. The first of the bronze windows are in and look fantastic against the cut stone window surrounds. Internally a lot of the first fix items are complete and the MVHR system pipes are going in (red pipes) which snake throughout the building providing fresh air.


The cafe at Lingholm continues to progress on site and looks more like our vision each time we visit. The rooflight is now installed and the internal walls are up to full height. We are excited for next week when the large sliding glazing to the north facade - supplied by IQ glass, will be fitted, this will mean the building is close to weathertight and the internal plasterwork can commence. The new walled garden that the cafe overlooks is also nearing completion with the external walls to full height and stonework coping is being put in place, along with a carved name and date plaque to face the cafe.

We look forward to the coming months and the cafe's opening at the start of this summer, lets hope the weather was as nice as the most recent visit.


Replacement Dwelling, North Yorkshire

Shaw & Jagger are delighted to announce planning permission has been granted for a contemporary replacement dwelling on the outskirts of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The scheme replaces an existing three bedroom house and associated outbuildings with a stone and Cor-Ten house. The building sits on the exiting footprint at the edge of a hillside and provides accommodation and garages for the client. The design uses Cor-Ten to create a striking upper section to the design that the client was very keen on as the material will constantly change throughout the lifetime of the building. The Clients are keen to get started and the existing building is currently being detailed for construction. Watch this space for updates as the build commences.

Planning Consent for North York Moors Barn Conversion

Planning consent has recently been granted on a barn conversion project in the National Park. The scheme allows the conversion of two existing barns into a three bedroom, open plan home with central feature stair with new glazed opening and a studio space with mezzanine home office. Work is expected to start on site later this year.

Boston Spa Garden Room Extension

Work is nearing completion on the extension of a Georgian terrace house in Boston Spa. The new extension provides space for a kitchen and dining area and is designed to cantilever out from the rear of the building. The windows arrived on site yesterday morning an are almost in, running alongside the window fitting is the fitting of the ceramic tile finish to the exterior of the building. We cant wait to see the finished product in the new year!


Lingholm Cafe

The foundations for the cafe building are now completed ahead of the steel portal frame arriving on site last week. This went up with some speed and now the form of the building is clearly visable along with the opening for the long ridge rooflight. The building will overlook the traditional walled garden that is being reinstated with the help of a specialist and the head gardener. We can’t wait to see further progress next month!

Mingary Castle, Scotland


Work is proceeding at pace as we near the end of the projects works to the Castle. The inner buildings of the courtyard are in the process of being harled and the interior works are coming along, above is a picture of the master en-suite with feature copper bath. Francis is due on site next week and will hopefully return with more photographs of the internal woodwork.

New Build House, Shropshire


Planning approval has been recently been granted for a new build affordable home in the Shropshire countryside. The House comprises of a two bedroom home with associated garage building linked by an integrated canopy.

New Kids On The Block




A belated welcome to Mark Bourne who joined us four months ago! Mark has taken on the role of Senior Technician and has so far proved to be a great asset to the company. He is currently involved in several schemes across the practice, including the new cafe at Lingholm and a second country house in Lancashire. Mark can be seen here with his prize zebra, which he insisted be desplayed pride of place above the door to the office.

New Build Country House Lancashire


Joe visited site yesterday to see how construction is coming along on the new stone built country house. The walls are nearly up to first floor level, most the ground floor window surrounds are in and the rooflight to the pool is on. Work should hopefully pick up pace as the milestone of completing the basement waterproofing is now complete as the last of the plinth stones was put in place at the end of July. We can’t wait to see the view from the first floor.

Lingholm Estate


We made a visit to the Lingholm Estate on Thursday of last week for a design review meeting about the boathouse, site meeting about the cafe construction that is due to start in the next few weeks and a general catch up on the progress of the estate.

The main house is now mostly complete with the works to the roof finished (and mighty impressive) along with the repaired and re-glazed stone room window and the completion of the estate office.

We were fortunate enough to have a sunny day for the visit too which made it all the more better.