Lingholm Kitchen

Lingholm Kitchen as it is now known is set to officially open this weekend; 2nd-3rd July. The building draws its inspiration from the local vernacular and intends to appear as a subservient outbuilding for Lingholm Grade II listed house. The building faces north overlooking the completely new walled garden constructed from reclaimed brick.

The building's simple outbuilding inspired form form is divided by a roof light along the ridge which allows sunlight to penetrate the north facing building. The glazing also wraps down the east and west gable elevations. It intends to communicate a modern lakeland building. Inside the structure is on display and has been enhanced with oak laid into the web, the large areas of north facing glazing by IQ Glass open seamlessly onto the external terrace, the last bay which sits above ground level due to the undulating site allows for a bar, which also acts as a balustrade, to create a vantage point over the garden and grounds. The interior arrangement allows all cafe seating to be situated to take advantage of the views, with a shop area between the functional volumes within the building.

Lingholm Kitchen will on the 20th July be accessible from the Derwentwater Launch as a jetty has been added to the estate, the first on the lake in 50 years, providing sustainable transportation to the estate for events and for the public.