CONSULTANT Passivhaus designer

We provide Certified Passivhaus Designs through our consultant, Claire, from her own business as the joint founder of Phi -Passivhaus International. With 20+ years of experience in residential design and several of her own houses renovated, Claire has embraced the move towards Passivhaus as the world’s leading standard of construction for sustainable architecture such that she is currently renovating her own 18th Century cottage to EnerPHit for Passivhaus Cerification.

As well as being a keen designer, working closely with clients and having an eye for layout and  detail, Claire is able to model projects within PHPP – Passivhaus Planning Package and advise on measures to improve thermal comfort, air quality and energy saving measures.

In her spare time she seems to run an awful lot and takes pleasure in being in the outdoors, undertaking ultra-challenges that none of her colleagues seem keen to try!


Steven Tyson