New Build Country House, Lancashire

Work is progressing well on the construction of this new country house. The roof tiling is nearing completion with the first of the lead roll sections to the ridge going in place today. The interior first fix plumbing and electrical is practically complete, with the internal joinery coming together in the workshop. A large number of rooms have now been plastered and nearly all the ceilings are completed, the pool ceiling is even painted. The scaffolding in the pool has been dropped ready for the pool to be cleaned out in preparation for the laying of the coping stones and floor tiles to commence next week. External to the building the lead rainwater pipes and hoppers are being fitted and look fantastic. The first of the eagerly awaited windows to the main house (pool already completed and looking fabulous) are to go in next week two, which means we will see the scaffold start to drop and the house emerge.

New Build Country House Lancashire


Joe visited site yesterday to see how construction is coming along on the new stone built country house. The walls are nearly up to first floor level, most the ground floor window surrounds are in and the rooflight to the pool is on. Work should hopefully pick up pace as the milestone of completing the basement waterproofing is now complete as the last of the plinth stones was put in place at the end of July. We can’t wait to see the view from the first floor.